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Replace your tatty, worn, and unsightly cardboard files.

With Lateral & Vertical Polypropylene files from Railex, you can present a more attractive face to the world. These files are made from translucent, durable polypropylene and last much longer than any cardboard file. They’re beautifully designed too, with cut away sections for easy access and smooth edging that prevents cut fingers. These files also fit into your existing filing system with a standard 330mm hook-on runner bar that fits all industry standard-sized cabinets. And it’s easier to keep related files together as all files feature a 140mm long magnified index tab.

• Lateral Suspension files available in V-base and 30mm or 50mm flat base. Files offered with increased depth in the 30mm base, with V-base made to order for use with the Railex Access range.

• Vertical Drawer files available in V-base or 30mm flat base.

• Polypropylene can withstand a tremendous amount of use because of its strength and tear resistance and will continue to look attractive long after installation. They are 100% recyclable.

• Satisfies the 4 key criteria of the EC Environment Commission:
- Minimum use of natural resources
- Reduced emissions of polluting resources
- Highly durable for longer lifespan
- Optimises recycling

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