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Space is always at a premium in health centres and surgeries so the most efficient filing system is that which allows quick, error-free retrieval of file whilst taking up the least floor space.

Railex manufacture a range of shelf boxes and storage trays using extra-durable recycled fibreboard and good quality corrugated boards. The range includes shelf trays specifically designed for the storage of Lloyd George Records in Doctor's surgeries. These boxes are available in two qualities. The media storage trays are excellent for the storage of CDs, DVDs and other similar sized boxes. We have the facility to manufacture storage trays and boxes in any size.


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MT/57[B] - Railex Medifile Tray - Black - Pack of 1

• Heavy duty quality
• Varnished Fibreboard, 1.6mm thick
• To house Lloyd George wallets
• 375mm front to back
• Complete with polypropylene card frame and finger-pull
• Black



AT/57 - Railex Archive Medical Tray - White - Pack of 25
• Standard quality
• Corrugated Cardboard • To house Lloyd George wallets
• Flat packed for self-assembly
• 385mm front to back
• Pack of 25
• White

Measurement Guide For Non-Standard Sizes

Railex storage trays are used in many applications such as storing medical records in GP surgeries as well as in offices and can be placed on a shelf in your existing filing cabinet. The media storage trays are very handy for storing CDs,DVDs and similar sized media, ideal for the home or office.

Railex standard range of storage trays are available in two types of material. Extra strong 1.6mm varnished fibreboard with a finger pull and card frame for indexing, or tough and durable corrugated cardboard which are flat packed for self assembly.

Railex can also manufacture shelf storage boxes or trays to your specific design. So if you need a bespoke shelf storage box or tray then please provide us with your basic requirements as follows:

1. Quantity

2. Type of material

3. Dimensions (height, width and front-to-back measurements in mm - please allow 5mm all round plus 20mm allowance if you require a card frame and finger pull)

4. With or without card frame and finger pull.


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